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Raised in Boston; Studied in New York.
Left my Software Engineering job to travel the world.
I write and design to express my creativity.
Postcards are personal; essays are professional.

What People Say About Me

"Thoughtful, talented, pensive, mischievous, thinks out loud a lot, has an eclectic blend of quantitative and artistic skills and inclinations." Charlie Becker Long-Time Friend
University of Houston Professor
Writer of Castles in the Sky

"Leo was born the same year that I took on my very first paid coaching client. He was 21 when he signed on to my 90-day coaching program.

To say Leo was a handful is a gross understatement. He challenged me more than any CEO, executive or entrepreneur I have ever worked with. He challenged me to bring my A game to every session.

I’ve always said I learn as much or more from all of my clients than they do.

Working with Leo was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of my coaching career.

I felt like a bit of a failure by the end of our engagement but I knew I did the best I could.

It’s satisfying and an honor to know that I had an impact on Leo’s success." Len Prosseda My Personal Coach
President of LEP Management Education

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