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An Interview with Leo Ariel (8/29)

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A fictitious interview, imagined by Leo as he was falling asleep at night.

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Interviewer: It’s good to see you, Leo. We’ve heard you have some exciting news to share with us — but more on that later. First, how was your summer?

Leo: First of all, Mr. Interviewer, thanks for having me on the show. It’s good to be here. As you know, I spent this summer as a software engineer at Amazon. Fully remote, work from home, you know the rest.

Interviewer: Wow, WFH! That’s generous of them. Where did you stay? Leo: At a host family’s house.

Interviewer: Really?! I’ve never heard of that before. They still do that?

Leo: Well I had the privilege of meeting a friend (Alicia) through Write of Passage. She had a friend who lived in Seattle who was gone for the summer — so I was able to stay in her home in exchange for walking the dog and things like that.

Interviewer: Wow..

Leo: I know. Sarah, my host, is an interior designer and architect and she has a really beautiful home. Colorful and modern. My favorite piece is this green booth, tucked away in the corner of the home. I love the green and blue. It’s right next to the window so it has lots of natural lighting. Plus there’s an overhead reading lamp. Ignore the pots and pans (laughs)

Green Chair

Interviewer: Wonderful. Now let’s turn to what’s happening now. What’s the announcement?

Leo: I’m quitting my job. Today was my last day.

Interviewer: Tell us about it.

Leo: To be honest, it’s been a long time coming. It just wasn’t for me. I was bored out of my mind. I wasn’t happy.

Interviewer: Surely it wasn’t all bad? They must have paid you well..

Leo: Oh yes, they did. No it was definitely not all bad! My teammates were nice, as was my manager. In fact, my favorite day of the summer was when I went to the office for the first time to meet my coworkers.

Leo (continuing): But the work was boring, and there was no way around that. I just wasn’t interested in the things I was working on. Two weeks ago we flew everybody in and had this boat ride and I just remember being sooooooooo bored. But maybe it was the heat .. I get irritable when it’s too hot.

Boat Ride

Interviewer: Don’t we all have to do stuff we don’t like? That’s part of any job, right?

Leo: Yeah, but this was extreme. I felt like I was constantly fighting uphill, and I couldn’t motivate myself to do work. We had “No Meetings Wednesdays”, which is exactly what it sounds like — and sometimes I’d just take the entire day off. No meetings, no opening my laptop, nothing.

Interviewer: So you were the guy-who-didn’t-do-anything?

Leo: No no I got all my work done .. but more importantly I made sure I was a good teammate. I never put myself in a position where I was holding back my team.

Interviewer: Ok ok, so what’s next?

Leo: I’m going to travel! I’m first going to Bali, then Lisbon. To make it fun, I’ve decided to do a challenge where I spend a month in each location. It’s called New Year, New Me, and it’s 12 months in 12 locations.

Interviewer: That’s so brave. I wish I did that while I was your age. What’s your plan when you get there?

Leo: Well, it’s really about giving myself space. Space to follow my curiosites and to create. Maybe I’ll go to the beach, maybe I’ll read. I’m not sure yet!

Interviewer: And what about financials? I’m guessing you’ve saved up ..?

Leo: Well, I have about 5 months of expenses saved up, which is good enough. I’ll eventually have to figure out a way to make money.

Interviewer: That sounds great Leo! Best of luck on your travels.

Leo: Thanks Mr. Interviewer!

End of Transcript

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