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Back in August, I had the job of the century.

Fully remote, I worked 1-3 hours a day, making $3300/week, more money than I knew what to do with.

For context, I was straight out of college, working at Amazon as a software engineer.

A dream .. right?


On the outside, I was crushing it. But on the inside, I was more unhappy than Mr. Frowny Face on a rainy day.

My work was a slog. Bug-finding, troubleshooting, and managing configurations. Not easy, but a slog.

How I Could Tell I Wasn’t Enjoying My Job

Plus, I knew it wasn’t my calling.


Here’s an analogy.

You’re climbing to the top of a mountain.

That mountain is the corporate ladder.

But, there’s a slight problem. At the top, you see a huge gaping pit, with lava inside. Turns out it’s a volcano. 🌋

So I bailed. Instead of climbing to my inevitable doom, I went sailing overseas .. (but more on that later).

First, I had to make a change..

But before that, I had to overcome fears.

Fear #1 - The Money Question

The money was too good to pass up.

Monkey Trap

Seriously, I couldn’t let go.

Thoughts began to pop up..

After way too much deliberation, I finally settled on 5 months’ expenses. That was enough for me to leave.

Onto the next fear..

Fear #2 - The Resume Question

But what about my resume?

Wouldn’t it reflect poorly if I left so soon?


Eventually, I decided this was a dumb question.

I could always go back. If not same company, same role.

The only bridges that were burnt were mental.

Fear #3 - The Authenticity Question

Lastly, I felt like I was living a lie.

I wasn’t being true to myself.


I was putting on a mask.

To live truthfully, I had to leave..

But now what??

New Year, New Me

On New Years, we set resolutions for who we want to be.

We strive upwards. So shall I..

On the day I left my job, I committed to one year of travel.

The premise is simple.

12 months, 12 locations. One month in each.

New Year, New Me Graphic

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