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Queen Bee, A Decentralized Philosophy

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The Queen Bee is the mother of the beehive. She births all future bees. You have drones of worker bees willing to sacrifice themselves for their queen. They bravely sting invaders, but die shortly afterwards.

Queen Bee: A figure at the top of a hierarchy

Synonyms: Leader, Decision-Maker, North Star

A Queen Bee can arise from heredity, as with the case of medieval kings. They can rise to power through physical force or conquest. Queen Bees can also be abstract ideas, as in the case of Rule of Law in the United States. Other examples include religion and spiritual faith.

Without a Queen Bee, chaos erupts. In Lord of the Flies, boys from England crash on a deserted island. Without the rules of society, the boys quickly become savages. They do obscene things, like put a dead pig’s head on a stick.

Regardless of origin, Queen Bees provide stability for the rest of the colony.

Centralization vs Decentralization

Decentralization is a philosophy.

It means power spread over many people. Centralization is the opposite — power congregated on one figure.

Centralized vs Decentralized

Governments hate decentralization. To lean into it would mean going against their own existence. They have a very strong incentive to keep and hold onto power.

While philosophy is nice, the real world is messy.

In the United States, people choose electors who then elect the president. This is known as a republic.

Complexity of Models of Organizaiton

From a decision-making perspective, a dictatorship is the least complex. Only one person has to make the decision.

A democracy is the most complex. Every person must agree on every decision.

A republic is somewhere in between. Think of a large corporation. You only have to go up the chain of command a few times to pass a decision. The number of decision-makers scale logarithmically with the number of people in the organization.

With Web3 DAOs revisiting the question of governance, it’s wise to review the models we have.

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