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The Tiktokification of Social Media

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One of my first videos, a mini food vlog in Mexico City, amassed 2.2k views in the first 24 hours, despite having 0 subscribers.

A decade ago, this would’ve been impossible. Your view count was tightly dictated by your follower or subscriber count. But increasingly this is not the case.

The content you see is moving from your social graph to your interest graph. In other words, instead of seeing what your friends and relatives post, you are seeing stuff around your hobbies and interests.

Social vs Interest Graph

Let’s call this the TikTokification of Social Media.

Every platform is becoming like TikTok. We see this (1) directly, with the explosion of YouTube Shorts, Instagram and Facebook Reels, but also (2) indirectly, with new changes to the algorithmic feed.

Algorithms are pushing content most relevant to the person’s interests, no matter if you follow them. Also known as virality.

For content creators, the game is changing. Instead of focusing on followers, focus on making quality content that resonates with your audience, and let the algorithm do the rest.

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